Welcome to Iași Guide!

Based on the success of the first ever Guide App for Iași Romania, the new version of the application will be your best companion to visit the historical seven hills city.

Please note that Iasi Guide is only available for the iOS platform. If you like it, consider buying PRO Version that includes many more features! Oh, and the price is 5$, cheaper than a drink in some places :).

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Application Features

Let's see what this app is all about, shall we?

Easy To Use

Iași Guide was designed with the latest UX design principles for the iOS Platform. It has great info, great games, great itineraries and it can be used by tourists and locals of any age.

It works on all iOS Devices

Wether you like small or large screens, Iași Guide can work on any devices that supports iOS 15 and up.

It works offline

Right out of the box, Iași Guide works 100% offline*. You can access info about the museums and monuments even with no internet connection. *The only part that requires an internet connection, just for the first run of the app, is the Map Section.

Why Use Iași Guide?

Let's see three advantages of why you need to download Iași Guide :) P.S. The photo(s) are taken directly from the app.

Guide + Maps

You have hundreds of attractions that are one tap away. Just search the well organised lists inside the app or browse the map and discover what the city has to offer.


Like walking and discovering the city on foot? Go to the itineraries section of Iași Guide and follow it to make your trip easier and better.


Love trivia? Why not take a quiz during or after your visit? Hundreds of questions about Iași, it's buildings, poets and history await!'.

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